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The Green Malay Kratom Review

The Green Malay Kratom is one of the most preferred kratom strains. Its high reputation is due to the strong effects and high potency compared to other kratom strains in the market. Green Malay kratom is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. If you are considering taking this strain, here is everything you need to know.

Benefits of Green Malay Kratom

Several benefits are associated with this kratom strain.

  • Pain relief

The Green Malay Kratom is known to provide a pain relieving effects especially to patients who suffer from chronic pains. This is due to its high potency level making it ideal for use as a pain reliever. To know in details, how kratom helps in pain click here.

  • Brain Performance

Brain enhancing drugs have become popular. Most people use brain enhancers to boost their brain performance. In most cases, students and teachers use these drugs to maximize their outputs and since Green Malay is known to have high potency with fewer side effects, most users opt for it due to its long lasting effect on the brain.

  • Osteoporosis

This is a common disorder in old age. The disease is caused by different factors such as inappropriate and unhealthy diet. If you are suffering from old age diseases, there is a greater chance that if you use the Green Malay Kratom, you will alleviate yourself from the pain.

The Green Malay Kratom is capable of changing the chemical and hormonal structure in your body; thus, filling the holes in your borns’ quickly. All you need is to consume more Green Malay with calcium. With the combination of Green Malay and calcium, your bones will be filled and be stronger again.

  • Green Malay Dosage

It is recommended to take between 2 to 6 grams of the strain. You should start with a lower dose before taking a higher dose. To find the right dose, you should consider your age, weight, and the effects you want.

Side Effects

When taken excessively, Green Malay kratom can have some side effects. They include lack of concentration, excessive sweating, hyperactivity, jitters, and vomiting. When you experience these side effects, make sure you stop taking the strain immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Pricing

The price of purchasing Green Malay Kratom depends on the vendor and the grams. They are mostly packed in 25g, 50g, 100g, and 200g. The prices range from $12 to $65.

Where to purchase Green Malay Kratom

The easiest and most convenient way of purchasing the kratom strain is online. Today, many vendors have come up; hence, you should be careful when purchasing. Make sure you purchase from the most reputable and reliable vendor; https://www.endonurse.com/green-malay-kratom/. Moreover, you can purchase from the local kratom stores.

The Green Malay kratom comes with many benefits that you cannot find in other strains. To enjoy these benefits, make sure you purchase high-quality kratom and take the right dosage.

What makes Kratom Tea An Attractive Beverage

You could be wondering what is kratom tea is. Here is the answer to your questions. Kratom tea is made from the leaves extracts of the kratom tree. The kratom tree is mostly found in countries in southeast Asia. For many years, this tree has been of great benefits to people living in countries around Southern Asia and the surrounding states.

  • From scientific research, kratom has been said to have seductive effects when consumed in large amounts. Kratom tea extracts are used to minimize Opiate withdrawal symptoms.
  • However, Kratom tea in many countries is traded as a natural high hence, to some extent, illegal. There are numerous benefits associated with Kratom tea.For reference Visit: https://www.endonurse.com/kratom-tea/

Among the benefits is the tea is said to have are laxative effects. It gives a person a relaxing effect, and the body feels refreshed. As a mild stimulant Kratom tea if taken in small quantities, it serves as an enhancer by boosting the consumer’s concentration, libido boosting, and more social benefits.

Why should one consider Kratom Tea?

  • what makes kratom popular and most appealing? Despite its unique bitter taste, Kratom tea still remains a favorite drink among its consumers due to several benefits alluded to its consumption.
  • Among the popular benefits attributed to its include:

Fights abdominal aches;

  • there is no concrete scientific evidence yet but consumption of Kratom tea acts as an ancedote hence preventing abdomiinal pain induced by consumption of Kratom.

Boosts digestion;

  • usually, lime is added to tea to add flavor. The citric acid from lemon acts to potentiate Kratom. Science has it that kratom can to a greater extent dissolve in citric acids thus enhancing absorption by the body.

Blissful taste;

  • Crushed tea leaves of Kratom are blended with other flavors such as lemon to give a very good taste.

Skin health benefits.

It has been found that kratom tea has beneficial effects on the face of an individual.It helps enhance the skin complexion and hence making the skin appear glowing.

  • This can be attributed due to its balancing action of the body pH hence creating a suitable enzymatic environment hence lowering skin dryness. Remember having glowing skin is a good thing that can improve your confidence when relating and socializing with people both at work and at social gatherings.

In some hospitals, tea extracts are used for chronic pain. It also assists in relieving the stomach indigestions.

It is also an energizing beverage.

The good thing about this product is that it is straightforward to make. The benefits are accrued to the people from which the tea leaves are legalized. In countries such as the United States of America, people usually enjoy tea extracts. In this country, Kratom Tea is not illegal. In such states, this brand of tea is in large quantities and different forms of packages. In conclusion, kratom tea has proved to be a miraculous beverage.

Everything You Need To Know About Kratom

Kratom is an organic plant grown in the southeastern part of Asia. Its leaves are scientifically proven to have a number of health benefits which includes the treatment of diarrhea, cough, fatigue, and pain. Kratom can also be used to relieve the pain, anxiety and the effects of depression. Today, Kratom is also available in the United States. For Reference Visit: The Golden Monk

Why do people take Kratom?

One of the main reasons why people buy Kratom is for pain relief. There are also people who take Kratom to stop using other harmful drugs. In fact, a majority of the people who have used Kratom to discontinue the use of opiates have achieved great success. Kratom can also be used to treat social anxiety post-traumatic stress disorder.

How is Kratom Consumed?

Kratom is available in different forms. The leaves can be chewed while raw but since most Kratom in the United States is imported, it is only the dried leaves or powder form that is available. You can also buy Kratom powder in capsules. Kratom leaves can be used to make tea. The powder form can be used in many different ways and it is also more effective compared to the leaves.

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How much should you take?

Just like any other herbal remedy, it is quite difficult to determine the right Kratom dosage. If you are using Kratom for the first time, it is advisable to start with smaller doses. You can then increase the consumption with time until you get the desired results. What you need to know is that doses less than 10 grams are gentle and constitutes a mild effect. On the other hand, doses of more than 30 grams tend to be more powerful.

The effects of Kratom

Kratom, in any form, is completely safe to take. But this is only when used responsibly. There are no serious medical conditions that have been reported due to Kratom use. If you take too much Kratom at one time, the only side effects that can be experienced are trouble sleeping or nausea. These effects also last only for a short period of time. But just like any other drug, there are also side effects involved. Excessive use can lead to adverse side effects like tremors, seizures, and psychosis.


As we have already seen, the use of Kratom has a number of benefits and it is also legal in the United States. When taken in moderation, Kratom does not pose any serious effects. Kratom is available in different forms which also vary in effectiveness. It is therefore important to research on the different forms of Kratom available to get the desired results. Lastly, it is prudent to consult your doctor before using Kratom.

A Natural Health Boost With Kratom Capsules

I will do anything these days to get any extra help that I can to feel better. Sometimes I lack energy or I just feel in too much pain or too tired to do anything, so I am open to trying anything natural that might be able to help. I was curious when I heard about kratom mentioned on the television and then online I saw a few articles about it.

I wanted to try the kratom for myself because I heard that it might offer some benefit. I went to look online and I was happy to find that there are natural and organic options, because at the market near my home I could not find any kratom to meet my needs. I had to go looking online and it did not take long before I came across some kratom options. I like that I can order it online because it will be shipped to my door quickly and it only took a few clicks, I had to wait a few days, then it was at my door.

Kratom Capsule Benefits

For Kratom Capsules, I wanted to be sure that I was getting something that I could trust and so I wanted to order some that were tested by a 3rd party and that was organic, all natural, with no fillers, or no additives. There are many kratom options and I was pleased to find thegoldenmonk.com organic ones that would meet my price range so that I could order them. I want to take it every day so I needed to find a large order, the capsules also make it very easy to take. Some supplements I have taken were a powder and it was not convenient to take that with me daily, I had to bring a bag of it and it was a mess. But with these kratom capsules it makes the entire process much easier. I can simply toss a few in my purse and they last throughout the week, I can take them when I am at work after I have lunch or I can take them after dinner if I go out with family or friends.

The kratom capsules are so much easier and a cheaper option that could meet my needs. When I ordered I was surprised at how fast they came and I was eager and looking forward to getting started because I had heard so many good things about this stuff. I didn’t want to take anything that I would have to worry about not being pure, so that is why I am so glad to find an organic option that I don’t have to worry about. You can tell how fresh the stuff is when you smell it, if you open the capsule. It is important to always go with quality and that was my first priority when looking for some kratom to start taking.

Healthy Benefits of Kratom Leaves

Many people are in search of some health benefits which they can effortlessly avail from the usage of Kratom leaves. It is mostly used for different kind of medicinal purposes by individuals across the globe.

Here in this post, I am going to discuss some of the healthy benefits of Kratom and what are Kratom leaves, which will undoubtedly give you a clear picture of Kratom and you will know how it is beneficial.

Benefits of Kratom Leaves

Below are some of the critical health benefits which you can avail by the usage of Kratom leaves:

  • Enhances Sexual Energy
  • Improves Immune System
  • Relieve in Pain
  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Assistance in Weight Loss
  • Increases Motivation Level
  • Enhances heart health

The usage of Kratom can effortlessly avail all these health benefits. This indeed is a natural product which has some impressive health treatment benefits for people, who have kindly mentioned above of issues in their body.

What are Kratom Leaves?

Kratom is a tropical tree which is native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua Guinea.  The unique chemical compounds and nutrients are found in the leaves of the plant, which can provide relief in pain. The scientific name of Kratom is “Mitragyna Speciosa.”

In Thailand, Kratom is being used as a natural substitute of opium, which is currently affecting its economy as well. You can effortlessly buy Kratom online in different stores. In this country, it is known for its extravagant medicinal uses as well as abused for being a recreational drug. It is banned in countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia.

It is currently being used for the self-management of pain or the withdrawal from opium drugs which usually include drugs like heroin in the US and European countries. Kratom leaves directly impact on the hormonal system of the human body, which in result provide relief in pain. It is because it increases the dopamine and serotonin level in the body, which in conclusion gives relief in pain. All you need to do is chew its leaves, and you will start getting your desired health results in a matter of a few days for sure.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I like to say that Kratom certainly is a natural remedy for treating a different kind of medicinal issues. If you are planning to start using Kratom leaves to get relief from health mentioned above issues, you should without any doubt consult your medical specialist. The reason behind it is that he/she is fully aware of your medical history and they will guide you whether you will get positive or negative results after the usage of Kratom leaves. I have tried to cover all the aspects of the health benefits which you can get by the usage of Kratom leaves effectively. I am sure after reading this post; you will have a clear picture in front of you about the benefits of Kratom leaves.

Top Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Many people are eager to try Kratom for the first time while others have been using it for a long time. The reason for this is that kratom use has been trending mostly because of its marvelous effects which range from medicinal benefits, cognitive boost, stress relief, and mood support. Long term users tend to stick to one strain not because they are not interested in other strains but because they fear that the best and strongest strains may turn out to be expensive.

This is, however, not the case. Whether you are trying kratom for the first time or you have been using it for a long time, it is paramount that you have adequate information about kratom strains and their effects since getting maximum benefits of this herb entirely depends on taking the best strain. Here are the top kratom strains that you can try.

Read complete details about Kratom effects and side-effects here https://newtreatments.org/kratom/kratom-benefits/kratom-effects. Effects of all Kratom strains are explained in details so you could choose the best Kratom before buying it online.

Maeng Da Kratom

You can never talk about kratom without referring to this wonderful strain which is considered one of the strongest. This strain works best when taken in moderate doses and its effects show up gradually starting from confidence boost to an overall feeling of happiness. It comes in red, white and green veins but prolonged intake may build up the tolerance.


  • Elevates energy levels
  • Provides stimulation
  • Boosts your mood
  • Enhances mental activity
  • Enhances physical activity

Bali kratom

This is the most famous strain probably because of its amazing benefit for weight watchers and the fact that it is non-sedative. It is relatively cheaper compared to other strains, grows slowly and has more long-lasting effects. Besides growing in Bali, the strain can also be collected in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


  1. Reduces stress
  2. Relieves pain
  3. Mental and physical relaxation
  4. Anxiety relief
  5. Suppresses appetite which keeps user’s energy level high leading to weight loss

Kapuas kratom

The nonsedating kratom is a modified strain and mostly grown in Southeast Asian countries. It is not readily available in the market and works best for building motivation. In addition, some users report effects similar to those of coffee and will encourage users towards strenuous work and study. It comes in green, white and red veins with the red vein having the highest mitragynine level which makes it the best analgesic agent.


  • Chronic pain relief
  • Builds motivation
  • Overall mood enhancement

Indo Kratom

It is rich in some kratom alkaloids like hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. The alkaloids give users deep relaxation which makes it a favorite strain for most people.


  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Helps users to overcome sleep-related disorders
  • Increases libido
  • Promoting optimism and self-confidence

Thai Kratom

The special strain from Thailand comes in three veins and perfectly balances all the desirable effects of kratom like stimulation, sedation, and analgesia.


  • Pain relief
  • Promotes productivity in users
  • Stimulates the users
  • Perfect analgesic agent


How to get the best form your kratom products

How can one be motivated to make a second purchase if the product they used did not offer the said results? If you are a kratom user or a beginner, it is essential to have some necessary information on how to get the best results from using kratom. The quality, strain and right odes among other factors are critical if you will enjoy using kratom. Kratom is used for many purposes chiefly, sedation, stimulation and pain relief. If you are to get maximum benefits from your kratom products, you must consider the following;

Origin of the product

Kratom is indigenous to Asia, where the natives have used it for years as a remedy for many health conditions as well as a recreation drug. The best quality products will be processed form kratom that has been grown in the right climate and without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers. As you decide on where to buy your kratom, ensure you ask them how and where the plants were grown.

The right dosage

Kratom products work differently for different individuals. If you are to get the best from kratom, you must work out your optimal dose. Dosage for kratom products depends on several factors like the body weight, age among others. As a beginner, it is essential to start out with low doses as you advance to locate your ideal dosage. This is critical to avoid any side effects that may arise from taking the product in high doses.

Purchase the product from a reputable vendor.

Since there are many online vendors for kratom products, not all deals stock quality products. Some will mix the kratom with different ingredients in a bid to make enormous profits. Look for online reviews about your choice dealer before you purchase the product form them. You can also get referrals from other users on who is the best kratom vendor in your locality or online.

Type of product

Kratom is sold as in different forms that may include; powder, capsules, topical, extracts, etc. It is important to note that each form works differently. For example, if you are using capsules, you might require taking several capsules to get the desired outcome as compared to kratom extracts that are highly concentrated. The route of administration also matters. If you want faster action, you should look for a product that can be administered sublingually since it is directly absorbed into the blood. If you want to avoid the taste, you can take capsules. As you shop for your kratom products, select a product that will offer the necessary convenience.

You will get the best from your kratom products if you take a keen interest in selecting the right product, the correct dosage, and a top quality product. Your choice kratom vendor must be ready to offer guidelines, especially to beginners. The Golden Monk kratom is one such vendor. They offer quality kratom products and advice you on how to establish your dosage among other relevant information in regards to kratom use. Besides they stock a variety of kratom strains to make sure that you get all your desired kratom products under one roof.

How to ensure you buy the right kratom online

The western world has always been fascinated with the mysteries of the East, particularly its numerous magical herbs. The fascination continues to grow and it is not surprising that these herbs have a huge worldwide market. One of the widest selling of these herbs is “maeng da kratom” or simply “kratom”. This herb is among the most sought after because of its seemingly endless list of medicinal properties. If you were to Order Kratom Online, then you will find scores of online stores dealing with. In fact, with such a wide choice on offer, the difficulty will be in choosing one.

Kratom is widely grown in countries such as Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines in the Far East. Various varieties of the herb are available. Almost all the varieties have been used in these countries for centuries together now. When you are about to Buy Kratom Powder you should for the best interest to check the diverse medical traits and the correct proportions to take, from an expert professional advice.

One of the biggest benefits of using kratom is for help in calming down nerves. The plant has been used for treating nervousness and anxiety for a very long time now. In fact, the powder is also useful for its beneficial effects that it has on synchronization of mind and body. Studies have indicated its beneficial effects in people who tend to concentrate better under the influence of the herb and complete jobs which need hand-eye coordination in a much quicker time.

Widespread research is going on the herb around the world. A lot of universities have taken up the task of further researching the various medicinal properties of the herb and how best they can be used by the pharmaceutical world. There has been a discovery that a given proportion of a dose brings in some seductive-like effects which are acquired once a person has used that herb. Similarly, at a lower Maeng Da Kratom dosage, stimulant properties are noticed. It has been found out through studies that in the case of certain verities, under certain dosage, a state of strong optimism is induced in those who take this herb.

All these factors need to be taken into consideration whenever you are thinking to buy kratom powder. It does not matter if you require to purchase Kratom White Vein or Horn Kratom, ensure that you purchase it from a well-known store. Just in case you are buying it from an online source, make sure that it is a reputable online store.

One good indicator of a reputable online store is clear-cut contact details. Pick up the phone and find out in detail about the product that they are offering. Check out where the herb has come from and seek all the clarification you need before you buy kratom online.

Kratom Is My Secret For Exemplary Performance

To all the news reporters, article writers and other entrepreneurs who have often been flooding in my apartment and workplace interested in knowing my secret for success, this is your portion. I have decided to give you full details of what I have gone through and why I’m now a success today. Anybody else out there struggling to get this far, or beyond, you must read this article. It’s a real personal story which you can also include in your program, and you will soon be there.

How I started

I backdate the origin of my success back to college; this is through my bright papers which I got. How should not be a question? You all know that any success comes from smart and hard work; All which I achieved. I managed to attend all the classes and also did my assignment timely. How? Simply, because I consumed green malay kratom which I buy online. I never ran short of energy and neither did I lose concentration. To me, everything was okay, and college stress was never a big problem on my side. Whenever I consumed my herb, one thing that came to my mind was education. Finally, I got mature grades which have been the basis for success in life.

My work

I have never slacked at work. In fact, the promotions I got continuously were never linked to my grades but my reputation. The manager praised me for hard work, quality work, and timely work. All these traits I believe originated from my first use of Kratom. It’s made me a success, and now as we speak, I have attained the top rank in the company.

What about my business

Most people have a question about how I manage to work as well as attended to my company. This is a bit demanding, and no man in normal carnality can easily do that. Personally, after my job, I get to check on my business and manage it. This means I work extra hours. My energy is adequately supplied by Kratom.

Something that’s been my success has significant customers by my side. The customers whom I have gathered from the perfect public relation. I relate very well with all my employees and most importantly, my clients. This open association is all linked to Kratom. I’m always in good mood, healthy mental state and excellent self-expression and many other kratom benefits.

My family

It’s true that every man’s success is not only measured for how much wealth gathered by what family has brought about.  I believe my family is the best. I meet all their needs; I joke and play with my kids. This has made me feel a very successful person. Even as we speak now, I know that I got the best family out there which has all been contributed to by the power of Kratom.

What can I say, if not praise this herb! It may be shocked to all who have expected otherwise but from sincerity, Kratom has made me what I am today.

Should You Choose Red Bali Kratom For Relaxation

Are you looking for an excellent calming strain that offers more sedative properties? Red Bali has all the features within the Kratom community. It grows from Mitragyna Speciosa tree, whose leaves are large and grows at a faster rate. Hence, the Red Bali Kratom is easy to locate, and greater quantities produced. It originates from Indonesia Bali district, hence its name. However, the area where it grows determines the number of alkaloids in it. You can consume in either powder or pill form.


Even though we can consume, either way, all users have to understand its effects. Depending on the dosage consumed, it has both the positive and negative effects.

Positive effects

  • Stress relief and relaxation. Most employed people understand that stress can be unbearable if you are working for long hours. Hence, Red Bali is the best strain for people experiencing acute or chronic stress.
  • It acts as rest aid. Most people experience insomnia during the night, but once you take the Kratom, it is a good alternative to sleeping pills. It is due to its seductive effects and relaxant that one gets peaceful rest.
  • Pain reliever. It has effective analgesic due to its diverse alkaloid. It relieves pain making it a natural alternative over other medications.


Just like other substances, kratom’s negative effect occurs if dosage used is high. It includes headache pain, constipation, diarrhea, blurred vision, mild dependency, and nausea.

Is it advisable to mix with other kratom’s stains?

It is recommended to not mix one strain of Kratom with another. It can cause side effects and increased dependency. However, it is acceptable to those with severe depression and anxiety to combine the strains.

Recommended Dosage

Just like other medications, proper dosage and administration help in minimizing severe effects. Here is a guide on how to administer.

  1. The dose is 1.5 grams, for threshold
  2. 2.0 to2.5 grams, for light effects.
  3. 2.5 to 4.0 for moderate usage.
  4. 4.0 to 6.0 grams, it is high dosage hence side effects may occur.
  5. 6.0 to 9.0 grams is an overdose, hence; side effects experienced.

Since it comes in powder and capsule form, the powdered form can be used to make tea. Add the powder in water and let it boil for 30 minutes or more.


Its prices depend on various blends, styles, and sizes. Purchasing of large quantities is cheaper compared to smaller amounts. The expensive one costs 13 to 14 USD when a standard blend goes for 8 to 10 USD. The difference in prices differs by the manner in which leaves are ground to form the powder.


Red Bali Kratom is helpful in relaxation due to its properties. And from its benefits, we can replace it as a natural medication for most treatments as it works, unlike the ordinary medicines which resist. If you feel your body is overworked, then with the right dosage of kratom, it can be resolved.