So, I believe you know what a big deal kratom is, I mean all strains of it. And that is why you have come to read this article; you want to know what kratom vendor you can buy from without regrets. I must say, this is an excellent step to take.

Kratom business is not a simple business. Every stage of it requires care and expertise. From planting the trees, maintaining them, harvesting and drying to crushing the leaves into powder, all must be rightly done. Therefore, you need to buy from a vendor that you can trust. I have a list of vendors here for you.

In no particular order, here they are:

Happy Hippo Herbals: Well, I must say they ain’t “cheap,” but they offer quality. Unlike other vendors who offer free shipping, Happy Hippo Herbals does not. But, let’s talk quality. For every strain of Kratom this vendor sells, you are buying quality. Their customer service is also a fantastic one, just as the shopping experience with them is. Their delivery is quite prompt too; you may like this vendor.

Kratora (BuyKratom.US): Kratora sells kratom at a fair price. Their products are of high quality and are shipped within the day of order. Kratora offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you find their product undesirable, you can return. Also, you earn points for every dollar you spend which you can claim in cash as it accumulates.

Phytoextractum: Those who have been buying kratom for a very long time might have heard of this vendor. They’ve been selling kratom long before most vendors we have now. Phytoextractum sells a reliable kratom powder which I believe you will like. Their Kratom powder is affordable, and they offer overnight free delivery plus fantastic reward programmes.

GAIA Ethnobotanical: For a low priced, quality kratom, GAIA Ethnobotanical got you covered. Their shipping is quite fast, and their product is pretty good too. The company has a customer service that is pleasing, and they sell a variety of products also.

Kraken Kratom: If you are on a meager budget, you can get cheap and good Kratom powder from this vendor. They have a good loyalty program which you will enjoy. Kraken Kratom offers you free shipping on the same day you make your order. Overnight delivery if for more massive quantities (free FedEx). They’re reliable. If your kratom preference is the encapsulated type rather than the powdery form, I’ll recommend you buy from They clearly state the strains in it and the quantity contained in each capsule. Although they only have few of all the kratom strains, they can be relied on to offer you excellent quality of the little they have.


You wouldn’t want to risk buying something harmful to your health because this goes into your body. Therefore, it is only a wise thing to be strict about where you buy your kratom. Any of these vendors are right for you; they are known for quality and fast delivery while majority offer free delivery. With these, you have no excuse whatsoever to purchase your kratom from a lousy vendor!